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Frequently Asked Questions & Testimonials

Q. Do I need to prepare before a reflexology treatment?

A. Yes – but very little preparation is required. It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal two hours before a treatment as you may feel sick or uncomfortable. Reflexology promotes detoxification so it is advisable to drink lots of water the day you are having a treatment to help your body in this process.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to a treatment?

A. No – just yourself and your feet! The treatment will take place with you reclining in a Lafuma chair (provided by me). You will remove your shoes and socks and your feet will be refreshed with wet wipes and cream will be applied. A foot and head towel will be provided as will a blanket should you feel cold.

Q. What can I expect from a reflexology treatment?

A. If it is your first treatment I will complete a thorough health questionnaire and discuss any particular problems or aliments you want treated. I will devise a treatment plan and then prepare and assess your feet. Please do not be worried if you have any foot imperfections (including plantar warts) you can still be treated!

Once you are relaxed in the reclining chair and your feet have been refreshed and moisturised the treatment will begin with gentle relaxing movements. The treatment will then continue through a sequence treating all systems and organs with pressure massage. The pressure applied is not painful but neither is it too light that it tickles!

Some reflex points that are treated may feel tender this can signify an imbalance and it is useful to feed this information back to me. During a treatment it is normal to feel hot or cold, experience sweaty palms and either increased or decreased energy level. However most clients feel incredibly relaxed and some even doze off!

The right foot will be treated first followed by the left, the treatment is completed by a sequence of deep breathing and energy balancing exercises.

Q. How will I feel after a treatment?

Most people feel very relaxed and calm after a treatment and you may feel either tired or energised. Clients often report that they sleep very well the night following a treatment and wake up feeling energised and calm. It is also common to need to urinate more frequently after a treatment.

It is advisable to drink lots of water after a treatment and to avoid alcohol for 24 hours if you can to help with the detoxification process. It is also advisable to avoid eating a large meal for at least 2 hours after a treatment. It is helpful to “go with the flow” and listen to your body, if you feel tired after a treatment you should not push yourself but go to bed and sleep when you can.

On rare occasions a client may experience a “healing crisis”, this is when the symptom or symptoms that are being treated by the reflexology temporarily worsen as the body starts to rebalance and heal. This is usually a turning point and the condition being treated usually begins to improve after the crisis. This is very uncommon but if it is experienced please let me know as soon as possible so advice and assistance can be given.

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FAQ & Testimonials. spa2


Here are a few kind words from some of my reflexology clients

"Initially I tried Reflexology with Rachel because I was pregnant with my third child and experiencing the usual aches and pains that second and third trimesters can offer. Each session that I had gave me a wonderful feeling of floating and took my mind and body to a different place. It was something that I did not know much about to begin with and became something that I could not wait to do again and again.
After each session I felt relaxed, energetic, happy, motivated and free from aches and pains. In short everything seemed to work. I attribute my quick and relatively pain free birth of my baby daughter to these sessions. I had my last pre natal session with Rachel the morning of my daughters birth and she came very easily into the world that same afternoon.
Reflexology is now something that I turn to for relaxation, a quick pick me up or a little treat. A must try!" Lucie

"I have been a client of Rachel's on a number of occasions and I have always found the experience to be hugely beneficial. I particularly like the approach that Rachel uses in that one feels listened to and that the treatment is individually tailored. Rachel is extremely professional, highly skilled and her nursing background is reassuring. I would certainly recommend reflexology with Rachel." Rich

"After 4 miscarriages, including 1 through IVF, I had given up hope of getting pregnant. Rachel came to give me some reflexology to support me both physically and mentally. I really enjoyed our sessions and would allow myself to relax and unwind. And then the miracle happened. I became pregnant naturally and with Rachel's support the pregnancy was sustained. Rachel has helped me achieve the dream I didn't even dare would come true. It is only fitting that Rachel is our little miracle's godmother and we are very proud and honoured to have her in all our lives." Karen

“I was initially sceptical of what reflexology would be able to achieve for me as I didn’t know much about the therapy prior to being treated by Rachel. As an individual with a highly stressful job and life I found the treatments to be incredibly relaxing and stress relieving and would feel very relaxed after a treatment session. I would always sleep really well after a treatment but feel invigorated physically and mentally the next morning. Rachel was very professional and always receptive and intuitive to my needs. “ Graeme

"I always thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Rachel, particularly whilst being pregnant. I found the treatment to be very relaxing and I definitely feel recharged afterwards. Rachel has an excellent touch and makes you feel very comfortable. I am looking forward to my next sessions!" Emma

"Towards the end of my pregnancy, I found I got extremely tired and irritable. After one reflexology session with Rachel, I had the best nights sleep in months which left me relaxed and with plenty of energy to prepare for the most exciting event of my life" Paula

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