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What is Reflexology? #01

What is Reflexology?

“Reflexology is a therapy that helps to release a client’s own healing potential”
(Andrew James 2007 Hands on Reflexology: A Complete Guide Hodder Arnold)

Reflexologists believe that the body is reflected in the feet and hands and that points on the feet and hands, reflexes, are linked by energy pathways to organs, bodily systems and structures. After a period of illness, disease, stress or for no obvious reasons these energy pathways can become blocked and imbalanced preventing the related organ, bodily system or structure from functioning properly.

Reflexologists are trained to detect these blockages and imbalances. They may be felt by the therapist as a hard, swollen, gritty, bubbly, popping or hollow area and to the client they may feel tender or painful. The therapist then attempts to unblock these pathways through careful pressure massage techniques - promoting a return of energy and state of balance to the related organ or body part. This in turn improves the functioning of the related organ or body part facilitating the body to regain balance, heal itself and improve overall health.

Reflexology is an incredibly enjoyable and relaxing experience leaving you totally relaxed and calm – treat your feet – treat yourself!!!

There are many theories regarding the origins and development of Reflexology, it is generally believed to have begun in Egypt and was practiced as long ago as 2300 BC. The therapy then spread throughout China, India, Greece, Arabia and the Roman Empire. The therapy was “rediscovered” and developed further in North America in the late 19th and early 20th century by two medical doctors and a physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham.

Today Reflexology is practiced by over thousands of therapists in this country alone and is gaining attention and respect amongst the medical profession and the media. Over the last twenty years reflexology has begun to be researched scientifically to help validate and prove the claims it makes. Reflexology is now helping to treat successfully thousands of people with numerous medical conditions.

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