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The Optimum Reflexology Difference


My name is Rachel Kelly and I am a UK qualified reflexologist, ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology (with distinction), and I have an honours degree in nursing with sixteen years nursing experience. I have also completed additional training in pregnancy and fertility reflexology and have five years experience treating maternity clients in London.

How does receiving a reflexology treatment by me differ from other reflexology practitioners in Singapore?

Treatments are carried out by me in the privacy of a room in my home or I can come to the comfort of your home bringing my relaxing Lafuma reclining chair with me. There will no other clients or therpaists in the room so we can establish a safe quiet environment to discuss health issues and treatment aims.

The first reflexology treatment takes approximately 80 minutes and includes a consultation and treatment, The consultation involves a thorough holistic health assessment where all elements of health, lifestyle and treatments aims are discussed. From this discussion a personalised and bespoke reflexology treatment plan is devised. The relaxing reflexology treatment is then given in a quiet and calm environment listening to music, a hypnobirthing CD (if appropriate) or the birds singing!

I practice The Original Ingham Method of reflexology, named after the American Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham who developed "western/modern" reflexology in the early 20th Century. The Ingham Method evolved from the ancient foot therapies that had been practiced for thousands of years in Egypt and China and from the work of Dr Fitzgerald and his discovery of zone therapy. There are subtle differences between western and eastern reflexology; some of the reflex points on the feet are in different places, tools are often used to work reflexes in eastern reflexology, western reflexology works with energy zones as a opposed to meridians but perhaps the most important difference is the intensity of the foot massage!

The treatments that I give are not painful. A reflex may show an imbalance that can be experienced as painful by a client, I will intuitively work that reflex with varying pressure but at no time will I cause a client pain. This is different from other types of reflexology I have experienced whilst living in Singapore and travelling around Asia. When I talk to people about reflexology one of the first things they say is "Will it hurt?". I can promise you a reflexology treatment with me will not hurt! I always work within the pain thresholds of my clients and listen to their body. My aim is for you to receive a therapeutic healing treatment that leaves you balanced, relaxed and re-energised at the end!

Pregnancy and fertility reflexology is a special interest of mine however I am interested in treating all complaints and problems to assist an individual to reach their optimum health. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any reflexology treatment enquiries.

I offer a professional, comprehensive and safe approach to the therapy ensuring my clients receive the best possible care and advice.

The Optimum Reflexology Experience

Pregnancy Reflexology Experience

A pregnancy reflexology treatment involves a general treatment with additional gentle working of the reproductive organs and endocrine system reflexes on the foot using gentle linking balancing movements. Relevant pregnancy complaints and aliments can be treated throughout the sessions including extensive working of the lymphatic system to assist with any swelling and fluid retention.

Techniques can be used to prime the labour when the baby’s due date has arrived.

A pregnancy reflexology treatment is generally an incredibly relaxing experience and at a time when a mother’s body is going through amazing changes and stresses it can be immensely timely and beneficial!

Fertility Reflexology Experience

A fertility reflexology treatment involves a holistic approach, working all areas of the body to encourage and promote balance, with an emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction. The endocrine and reproductive systems receive additional attention to help balance and promote their functioning. Further emphasis is given to the pelvic and lumbar-sacral spine to reduce congestion and to any areas specific to the client. I also incorporate some Ayurvedic and Acupressure techniques into my treatments. The amount of focus on particular reflexes will be determinded by where you are in your menstrual cycle.

My treatments also include discussions involving how to identify your most fertile time in your cycle and other advice to maximise your chance of conception.

I recently completed module 1 of Fertility Coaching Singapore's workshop and am looking forward to incorporating the knowledge and skills I gained into my holistic reflexology treatments.

There are other complementary therapies that are also effective in helping couples concieve, however, the majority of my clients claim that reflexology is the most enjoyable of all the therapies they try!!!

General Reflexology Experience

A general reflexology treatment follows a systematic sequence that treats and rebalances all areas of the body. This ensures the whole body gets treated and multiple problems and conditions can be addressed and hopefully helped during all treatment sessions. I also identify and focus on particular problems/symptoms you may be experiencing; intuitively working into and revisiting the affected reflexes with either gentle or firm pressure. The treatment begins and ends with soothing massage movements leaving you thoroughly relaxed, rebalanced and energised.

About Me

I first discovered reflexology when I was pregnant with my second child. I enjoyed the treatments immensely and was surprised and impressed by what my reflexologist was able to detect and how she was able to help me (My Story) with my general health and with my births.

I believe in reflexology and the benefits and results that it achieves and am passionate about sharing this therapy with the world.

I trained in 2007 with Andrew James (DIHOM, MAR, MIFA (Reg), ITEC) an experienced and published Reflexologist and Homeopath at The Practitioners School of Reflexology in West London. I have undertaken further training in Fertility Reflexology and Pregnancy and Birth Reflexology at the Raworth International College of Natural, Nutrition and Sports Therapies. I am also a Member of the Association of Reflexologist (MAR) (www.aor.org.uk) and work to their code of conduct.

My philosophy is that all therapies, conventional and complementary, have their place in the world. Conventional medicine has made amazing advances over the last hundred years but it does have its limitations. In many instances there is a gap between no illness being present and a feeling of good health and well being – this is where I feel reflexology fits in - helping individuals to reach their optimum health. It is also very effective in helping treat diagnosed medical complaints, again helping individuals reach their optimum health.

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My Story

I am fortunate enough to have three beautiful healthy boys whose entrances into this world could not have been more different. It is not my intention to scare any expectant mums but want to illustrate the difference that birth preparation, including reflexology, can make to a labour experience.

I went into labour with my first son at 39 weeks and 4 days (secretly pleased that I was not going to go over due!!!). I was excited and felt very gung hoe, thinking “bring it on”. After 4 hours at home we went to hospital as my contractions were very strong, lasting 30 seconds and were 2 minutes apart.

Progress was slow and after 20 hours I was still only 3cms dilated and very deflated (this is the condensed version!). My baby was not in an optimal position for labour; he was occipital posterior with his chin up! I opted for an epidural. I then had my waters broken and was commenced on a synthetic oxytocin drip to get things properly going. I did dilate to 10 cm and pushed for about an hour but the epidural became displaced leaving me very distressed and uncomfortable. My baby then became distressed so an emergency Cesarean became necessary. Eventually after 36 hours of labour my healthy baby boy was born.

This was not the labour that I had expected. We fortunately did have a brilliant outcome but the whole experience left me feeling like a failure and somewhat traumatised.

I became pregnant again about 1 year later and was adamant that I was going to have a better experience than last time, I realised that last time I had not prepared myself enough physically and mentally to deal with labour. I had attended NCT and NHS antenatal classes, witnessed several births in my nurse training and always thought of myself as quite a tough, robust, calm person with a high pain threshold – evidently this was not enough preparation for me.

I was very keen to have a natural delivery or VBAC (Vaginal birth after Cesarean) and fortunately had a supportive consultant. To prepare myself for labour I had weekly exercise classes with a specialist antenatal personal trainer, attended an NCT refresher class, researched visualisation techniques, spent a lot of time on all fours - to encourage my baby to get into an optimal birth position and from 35 weeks had weekly reflexology treatments.

The reflexology treatments were, unsurprisingly, the most enjoyable of all the birth preparation techniques that I practised!!! My reflexologist would come to my house to treat me and would leave with me in a very relaxed state, usually dozing! My only regret was that I only found out about reflexology at 35 weeks, if I had known earlier how relaxing the treatments were I’d have started much earlier! In addition to preparing my body for labour my reflexologist was able to help with some pregnancy discomforts I was experiencing. I was most impressed that she detected an imbalance in my sinuses, on the left side of my face. I had been suffering from severe left cheek sinus pain for the majority of my pregnancy but it was something I had not mentioned. The treatments effectively cleared my sinuses. (I still use hand reflexology on myself when I feel my sinuses are congested, within a few minutes of treatment I can feel my sinuses clearing and catarrh draining away).

My waters broke at 40 weeks and 2 days (after 2 sweeps) but no regular strong contractions followed, I was admitted to hospital and had to stay there and wait to deliver – not a great start - especially as it was confirmed that this baby was also lying in an occipital posterior position!

After 48 hours I was induced, not a regular practice for someone attempting a VBAC but thanks to my fantastic midwife I felt brave enough to attempt it! My whole labour lasted 6 hours and 5 minutes and the only pain management I used was a TENS machine, gas and air, a birthing ball and lots of psychedelic (thanks to the gas and air) visualisation! I was examined after 6 hours and told I was only 4 cm dilated, in dismay I rolled over on my side and then felt an overwhelming desire to push – in fact I had no control, my body just pushed by itself! My midwife confirmed that I was 10 cm dilated and 5 minutes later my healthy baby boy was born.

My first two birthing experiences could not have been more different - my body had obviously laboured before but it had not experienced the 2nd stage of labour previously - 5 minutes is incredibly fast, which I attribute to all the preparation, both physically and mentally, that I put in. I sincerely believe the reflexology that I had greatly contributed to this success.

Three years after my second son was born I became pregnant again. I was working part time as a nurse and running my own reflexology practice plus I was looking after two energetic little boys; I got straight on with booking pregnancy reflexology for me!!!

I started reflexology treatments at the beginning of my second trimester and had a treatment every 2-3 weeks until about 34 weeks when I increased the frequency to every 1-2 weeks. I loved them! Again, my reflexologist would come to my home and treat me in my own chair leaving me incredibly relaxed and tranquil after each session. The treatments really helped me with my sacro-iliac joint pains and other pregnancy discomforts but more importantly gave me space in my very busy life to take some time out to relax and focus on my growing baby and prepare me again for labour. I also took the opportunity during my treatments to listen to my Hypnobirthing CD.

My third baby was a big one!!! I was nervous about delivering and the baby getting stuck and distressed again. I had brilliant midwifery care again and eventually went in to labour at 40 weeks plus 6 days! My labour lasted just under three hours and was completely different again from my previous deliveries. This time round I was much calmer and needed a more active birth. I couldn't sit down whereas in both previous deliveries I couldn't stand up as my legs were too shaky! Using the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques practiced while receiving reflexology put me into such a calm and controlled state that I was able to ride the contractions relatively comfortably. I had a similar experience to baby number two's delivery as I went from 6 cm to 10 cm in seconds and my healthy chubby baby boy was born less than five minutes later!

I am well and truly done now with having any more babies but want to share with other pregnant mums the amazing benefits that reflexology can achieve in pregnancy and labour. Reflexology and Hypnobirthing gave me an anchor to get me through my births. I knew I was prepared for labour, I was confident my body would do it and I had practiced coping techniques to get me through!

Please do get in touch to hopefully assist you with a fantastic birthing experience.

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